William O’Brien State Park, Scandia, MN
April 9, 2019

We’re doing a series of shakedown trips with Percy so wecan learn the systems and see if things are working properly. More importantly, the shakedown trips will help Scuppers get acclimated to being in a RV and in strange new surroundings on a regular basis.

Scuppers is a 12 ½ years old Cavalier King Charles and Bichon Frise mix. That cross in generally called a Cavachon but most Cavachon’s look very curly and fuzzy whereas Scuppers looks like a small Golden Retriever. One look at his baby picture and you can see why we fell in love with him.

Scuppers is a wonderful dog but he does have his routine in which he has trained us well in helping to accommodate his needs. Add in the fact that Scuppers’ cataracts have turned his life into a world of shadow and light, we want to make his transition to RV living as stress free as possible.

Our first trip was a simple overnight to William O’Brien State Park, just 20 minutes from our house. Being that Scuppers likes the “idea” of riding in a car more than theactual movement of a vehicle, we decided I hold him on my lap for the first ride in the RV. We’ll deal with training him to ride on the floor another trip. I should add here that riding on our lap is his preferred method of transport, but not ours.

This was early April and part of the road to the campground had washed out and the only remaining part of the road was muddy and deeply rutted. Percy was a champ, although we had some nervous moments where it was touch and go. We think the dually tires in the back really helped.

We found our site and though it looked level the automatic HWH levelers said excessive slope. We made a slight adjustment in where we were parked and got Percy properly leveled and plugged ourselves in. So much easier and faster than our tent camping days!

I should add that nighttime temperatures were still below freezing so we had no water in our tank and we were using RV anti-freeze in the grey and black tanks.

Now that we were set up, our first order of business was a nice walk to enjoy the beautiful warm and sunny spring day. Second order of business was to bring out the owner’s manual and figure out a few things. Primarily the sound system and how to use the convection/microwave oven so I could make dinner.

Mostly, we just sat back and gave thanks for this wonderful motorhome, the adventures we’re going to have and how nice it was to get away from the chores in preparing our home for sale. We also gave some thought as to whether we would get stuck in the mud leaving the campground. What was Scuppers up to? He was busy trying to figure out where he would like to lay down. The sofa appeared to be his favorite spot that trip.

It was time to make dinner. The convection/microwave was giving me some problems. I couldn’t seem to get it up to 350 degrees and it would keep turning off. I tried a different approach from the manual that worked well. It’s probably operator error but we’ll know more when use it again.

The 1.1 cu. ft. convection/microwave is going to be our only oven for possibly years. Stop and think about that for a second. 1.1 cu. ft.. Let me paint another picture. If you put a small baking dish in the convection oven (that’s hotter than blazes) and you need to reach in with both hands with potholders to remove said dish. There’s about ½ inch between my knuckles and the side of the oven. I should add that the oven is above my head.

So what did I make in the oven for our first night out? It was a delicious rice pilaf with roasted vegetables. It turned out perfectly too. We’ll definitely be making that dish a lot.

We synced Terry’s phone to the stereo and listened to music before lowering the Murphy bed and climbing into our bed that was made even more comfortable by the 3-inch gel topper that we added.

It was around 30 degrees overnight so we hoped the road had frozen a bit and we’d have a better chance of getting out of the campground. In the morning we drank our coffee, had a quick bowl of cereal, and made quick work in bringing in the slide and the levelers. With Scuppers on my lap, we drove (somewhat) effortlessly through the mud patch and returned home already looking forward to our next shakedown trip.


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