It suppose it’s inevitable that if you live in a 150 sq. ft. motor home when one of you gets sick with a cold your partner will get sick too. Terry had a few errant sneezes on our first day of our full time adventure and bing bang boom, two days later, I caught the cold too.

It made me wonder, does it make sense to just infect yourself on purpose so you can be miserable together at the same time? It has its advantages in that you can just get it over with and not wonder if and when you’re going to catch your partners cold. 

On the flip side, if you have one person down sick, the other can take care of the home front to make dinner and clean up while the other is down for the count. 

Which method would you recommend as we start this full time journey? 

Being sick is miserable no matter what. Drip, sneeze, blow, repeat. 

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