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Meandering.....one mile at a time

We’re Terry, Julie, Scuppers the Sailor Dog and Percy the RV. We’re exploring the nooks and crannies of North America living and working full-time in our RV. We’re not in a big hurry and we look forward to getting somewhere eventually. Writing and painting along the way. Come along for the ride!


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Dry Camping & Mooch Docking

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What’s Boondocking and Dry Camping?

Different people use different terms, but for the purposes of our travels and writing, we will say ‘boondocking’ when we are parked for free without any services. If we pay for a campsite but have no access to any utilities (water, electric) we will say ‘dry camping.’ What’s moochdocking? That’s when someone is kind enough to let you stay in their driveway!

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How we went from 'should we' to 'heck yeah'

The decision to travel and work in a small RV shouldn’t be taken lightly. There is much to consider. And we did. We talked ourselves out of it more than once. But somehow it changed for us. It’s our time.

Recent Stories


Travel Log: Third Shakedown

Travel Log: Third Shakedown

Saturday May 4, 2019 | Hoffman City Park Campground | River Falls, WI This is our first time “winging it.” No reservations - just see where we end up. It could even be a Walmart parking lot. You have to be flexible to travel this way. We’re members of Harvest Host...

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Travel Log: Second Shakedown

Travel Log: Second Shakedown

April 25-28, 2019 Wild River State Park North Branch, MN Joy, joy, joy - our house went on the market April 25! Our 150-year old house is in wonderful shape but we had various picky things that we wanted to finish up before putting the house up for sale. Terry worked...

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Travel Log: First Shakedown Trip

Travel Log: First Shakedown Trip

William O’Brien State Park, Scandia, MN April 9, 2019 We’re doing a series of shakedown trips with Percy so wecan learn the systems and see if things are working properly. More importantly, the shakedown trips will help Scuppers get acclimated to being in a RV and in...

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Painting & Drawing

Terry is a full time artist who’s going from the freedom of making any size painting he wants, in what ever medium he’d like, to the confines of a 25ft RV with a wife who doesn’t want permanent paint spots all over the rig. Solution? Terry will be sharing his drawings and watercolors with you here for your viewing pleasure. If you’re interested in owning an original, contact us.

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