We’re amazed how quickly our first month in the RV has gone by! We set out June 23 thinking we would travel for just a couple of weeks but then we decided – why go back – let’s just keep going. Our house was still for sale at that point but we decided we needed to get our adventure started instead of sitting around waiting. We could travel in a 2-3 day radius from the house in case we needed to turn around to start disassembling our possessions. So our full-time adventure began!

One thing that we needed to do, now that the motorhome is fully loaded with the things we would need for traveling full-time, was to see how much Percy weighed. We stopped at a CAT Scale in Superior, WI.

Our motorhome is rated to carry 1227 lbs. This is for water, passengers, bikes and bike rack, food, clothes, levelers, the heavy duty springs Terry installed, etc.. It doesn’t include the weight of the vehicle, propane or diesel fuel, but everything else comes out of that 1227 lbs. So how did we do? he result? He’s overweight – and we’re not surprised. We were at 1697 lbs and that’s with only 10 gallons of water instead of 30 (80 lbs versus 249). It was time to rethink everything on board.

I took a hard look at the small appliances I had hoped to have along. Out came the Griddler, the food processor and the small Kuerig. Out came the large cutting board, my stone oven pan, two of the saucepans from my Magma set, the largest mixing bowl in my nesting set and a casserole pan. The 3 quart Instant Pot and Nutri Bullet are staying! We removed the mirror that we put on the bathroom door. We swapped our 35 lb. screen tent for a 4 lb. bug tent. We changed out our two 15 lb. folding chairs for two 3 lb. camp chairs. We removed the folding camp oven, propane stove and portable compressor (I’m re-evaluating the propane stove though since motorhomes heat up so much in hot weather, it’s nice to be able to cook outside). 

After the purge, Percy is about 250 lbs. lighter then before. There are some other tweaks that can be made but we’re parsing things now. A pair of shoes, a throw blanket, the ukulele – small things like that. We’re also trying to shift the weight to the front of the rig as much as possible. Terry added a couple more PSI to the back tires and we’ll continue to monitor our choices, give ourselves extra braking room, and just enjoy the journey. 

West Thompson Campground, Washburn, WI

West Thompson Campground in Washburn, WI

Cornucopia signThe travel has been outstanding. We decided we needed to escape the heat so we went to nature’s refrigerator – Lake Superior. In the first month we stayed in a state forest campground; we enjoyed the city of Duluth at a marina and RV park with a view of the downtown and the lift bridge; 4 nights in Cornucopia where we were just feet away from the lake; Bayfield; Black River Harbor and Campground with a view of the lake through the trees and black flies that made us flee, and 4 nights in a lakeside site in one of Washburn’s city campgrounds.

We returned home for a week to check on things but decided to stay in the motorhome since the house was clean and fully staged by the realtors. Boy, were we itchy to get back on the road! We headed to Lake Gogebic to visit friends at their cabin, then we spent 5 days at a beach site at the Ontonagon Township Campground. The one month anniversary coincides with our stay at Fort Wilkins State Park in Copper Harbor enjoying a lovely cool day. 

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Biking in Copper Harbor, MI

Nice bike trail from Fort Wilkins State Park to Copper Harbor.

The e-bikes and Scuppers’ trailer are working out great and he’s really enjoying it. He’s excited to go for rides and people get a kick out of seeing him as we go down the road. They’re expecting a small child – not a cute little dog.

You might wonder how Scuppers is taking to this life? The shakedown trips really helped him to transition and we think he likes the fact that we’re all together in a small space. His favorite spot to lie is in the passenger cab seat when it’s turned around. The folding ottomans help him to jump up on the seats and sofa and at night when he’s ready for bed he stands by the sofa waiting for the Murphy bed to come down. 

I think the most challenging time for Scuppers was when we were staying in the driveway. We were so darn busy around the house that he was alone a lot of the time. He was also confused that we weren’t in the house and sometimes I think he missed not being in it. 

Scuppers enjoying a doggy cup of ice cream in Ontonagon, MI

When we headed out on the road again, Scuppers really got into the swing of things. Now when we arrive some place, he’s the first one to rush to the door. He wants to get out and smell new smells. He’s like a little kid who is excited to see something new. 

I’m trying to think if there have been any challenges in the last month with how the motorhome functions but we really couldn’t be happier. Sure, last night the screw came loose on the refrigerator door but that was an easy fix. We had an over head bin open on a turn and things crashed to the floor even with the use of tension rods (BTW, Corel ware does break!). Opening the refrigerator door is always an adventure too. As many tension rods as I use, it’s still a constant surprise to see if something will spill. 

Living in a small space has not been a challenge for us. We’re patient with each other and if we’re not, we readjust ourselves to become more patient. When we need or want more space, we have the great outdoors. Often one of us will be indoors and the other enjoying the outdoors. Cleaning is a breeze. You have to do it more often than a house because every inch of a small space is being used, but it’s a quick job. 

Our limitation for traveling right now is the house. And the heat. The temperature in the motorhome is usually 5-10 degrees warmer than the outdoors. If we have electric at a campground we can run the air conditioner but we don’t always want to be plugged in. So if we go south or west, we’ll need to learn how to live with the heat and adjust. Being that we’re so new at this we’re being gentle with our approach, ergo our trip to Lake Superior. 

Thankfully we have a buyer for the house and if the inspection goes well, the tether that keeps our travels close to the house will be broken and we’ll be able to head south the beginning of October. We hope you’ll follow along by subscribing to this blog and becoming a patron!

Lake Linden, MI by Terry Hildebrand

Lake Linden, MI by Terry Hildebrand

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