Selling our house and most of our worldly possessions to meander full time in a 25-foot motorhome is probably the biggest leap we’ve taken in nearly 40 years together. And we’ve done some pretty big leaps in our life! Top among them are major moves and sailing Lake Superior.

Terry is an artist by profession. Because of the constraints of tiny house living he’ll be making an adjustment with how he works. No more woodshop, no more large paintings. And no acrylic and oil paints in the RV please. It’s watercolors and drawings until we’re back into sticks and bricks someday.

Terry’s constant inspiration is what he sees and experiences around him. That’s what is most exciting for him and this new lifestyle. Every road, every view, every town will give him material to draw from. We look forward to sharing his artwork with you here. Each blog post will feature at least one of Terry’s artworks.

As for me, I’ll be the chronicler in this traveling duo. We look forward to shining a spotlight on the interesting characters we meet and the places we go as we meander through North America and sharing it with you. If you’re interested in reading our daily travel journal, we welcome you to become patrons (coming soon) and help support our work.

We’re not here to be experts and give advice on the RV lifestyle. But we will be sharing anything hilarious or hellashish that happens along the way. Like how am I going to live with only 2 burners and a 1.1 cu ft. convection/microwave oven?



I’m Scuppers, aka Scuppers the Sailor Dog. For those in the “know” from 70 years old to 3, my name comes from the Golden Book Sailor Dog. Yep, Scuppers the Sailor Dog. That’s me!

 Scuppers is a perfect name for me because my parents had a 34′ sailboat when they brought me home. But I guess you could call me the Camping Dog now.

 Living in a motorhome is new to me and I’m getting used to it. I think my favorite part is that we’re all together in this small space – not like in the house where we’re all spread out and I have to go up and down the stairs a lot.

Change is hard for me you see because I’m losing my vision to cataracts. I’m almost 13 years old so I guess that’s not too surprising. I think living in a smaller space, and not having to go up stairs to a second floor, will be easier for me. Not just because I can’t see very well anymore but also because I don’t have as much “umph” as I used to.








My parents are putting my dog bed under the dinette so I think it’s going to feel like a snug berth for me.








I don’t know where I’ll like to sit when we’re driving. My favorite spot is on my Mom’s lap but it’s not her favorite spot 🙂








I look forward to you sharing our journey and my antics on the road!










You might wonder why I was named Percy?  It comes from an artwork Terry did many years ago where he had a mythical character, Percy Seeks. Maybe not so mythical anymore because here I am – ready to take them on some wonderful adventures!

I’m a Winnebago Navion 24D. I’m 25’8″ long and 7’6″ wide when I don’t have my 3′ slide out.

They chose me for several  good reasons:

  • You have to love my mileage (I average 16mpg).
  • I have Mercedes Benz chassis so I can get them up mountain roads with ease.
  • My length is great for fitting into nearly every national park and I’m pretty nibble in town and parking lots too.
  • I have a great floor plan for 2 working adults.
  • There’s amazing counterspace and a nice size pantry, interior storage for this size coach and a walk around queen size Murphy bed.

They put a few extras on me to make their life easier. I have HWH levelers, 430 watts of solar and a 300ah lithium battery bank. There’s more but maybe that should be left for my own page. I am pretty special after all 🙂

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