Traveling full-time in a RV

Meandering.....one mile at a time

We’re Terry, Julie, Scuppers the Camping Dog. We’re exploring the nooks and crannies of North America living full-time in our RV. We’re not in a big hurry and we look forward to getting somewhere eventually. Come along for the ride!

Covid-19 Update: We’re happy to report that we are healthy. We can’t begin to imagine what life is like for those who are unemployed, ill or have lost a loved one. Our hearts go out to all those who have been effected by this horrible virus. As far as what we are doing during this time of uncertainty, we have sold Percy our motorhome. So bittersweet. Our amazing time with Percy made us realize we want to continue this lifestyle for as long as we’re able. So we’re upgrading! You’re not going to believe the amazing rig we’re going to call home. But, we’ll all need to wait until later this summer to see the new RV. While we’re waiting for delivery, we‘ve pieced together various housing options, among them is staying in an old jail in Taylors Falls, house sitting for relatives, and renting a small place near Lake Superior. Be well, be safe…


State/County Parks

Nat'l Park/Army Corp/Nat'l Forest Campgrounds

Boondocking & Moochdocking

Dry Camping


What’s Boondocking and Dry Camping?

Different people use different terms, but for the purposes of our travels and writing, we will say ‘boondocking’ when we are parked for free without any services. If we pay for a campsite but have no access to any utilities (water, electric) we will say ‘dry camping.’ What’s moochdocking? That’s when someone is kind enough to let you stay in their driveway!

Painting & Drawing

Terry is a full time artist who’s going from the freedom of making any size painting he wants, in what ever medium he’d like, to the confines of a 25ft RV with a wife who doesn’t want permanent paint spots all over the rig. Solution? Terry will be sharing his drawings and watercolors via Instagram. If you’re interested in owning an original, contact us.

Curious where we’ve been? 

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